The Transformer V2

  • $1,19000

A revolution in Strongman event training is here!

Train for all the most expensive and space consuming SM events on 1 piece of equipment!

-Tyre/car flip

-Car dead lift

- Viking Press/Squat (attachment)

- Fingal Finger (attachment)

- Conans Wheel (attachment) launching December 2018

Accessory movements

- Rows

- Power cleans

- Belt Squat (coming 2019)

The version V2 unit has under gone some serious upgrades including

- Reinforced front and back handles

- Solid steel (removable) loading pins

- Bushed pivots for quieter operation

- Reinforced main beams for heavy car dead lifting

- Positions for use with standard squat rack (for pressing)

- Tactile pads on base plate for slip-free operation with minimal ballast weight

- Pulls down to ship on a single pallet (or the back of your car)

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