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Press to impress - Monster DB training tips

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The monster/circus DB is becoming more and more popular in competition around Australia and the world.  Although it is a very technical lift, some brute shoulder pressing strength is very handy, not only for the lift, but just supporting the weight in an ideal position. Here are 3 accessory movements to add into your routine to help build shoulders Dimitar would be impressed with

Behind the neck strict press - so much of what we do overhead in strongman/CF/olympic lifting/power lifting begins in front of us. Especially the log or axle, the bench press, hundreds of thrusters or the jerk, it is all anterior dominant. The monster DB though must be balanced largely BEHIND the head, so training those traps, lats, posterior deltoids and shoulder stabilisers is important. Work up to a 3rm strict press in your normal pressing position in the front rack, then with hands set at the same width, work up to a 3rm behind the neck, see how close the numbers are!

DB strict press - using a normal size DB, complete sets of high reps at low weight on each side, but really exaggerate the position of the DB behind the head. Add these at the end of another pressing session.

Eccentric skull crushers - a classic 'gym bro' exercise, but a handy one for building tricep strength for supporting the DB on the shoulder. When the DB is locked out above you, lower it over a 5 count before driving back up, sets of 10.

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