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Stand or Submit gear is heavy! That's why you are buying it right?

Unfortunately, this makes shipping it to your door challenging, so we have put together some options to make it as easy and affordable as possible. We don't make any money on postage and handling, we just try to get our gear to you for the best price possible.

 IF YOU PLAN TO PURCHASE SOMETHING HERE, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST TO GET AN ACCURATE AND THE LWOEST SHIPPING QUOTE POSSIBLE! We realise this isn't the standard way of organising shipping you may be used to online, but we stand buy it as we are literally trying to save you your hard earned dollars. This will avoid any suprises after purchasing something, and if you choose to go ahead, we can send a quick and easy website check out (with all the standard payment features) that will include your shipping fee.

SorS delivery - we provide delivery to your door for a flat rate of $50. This is limited to a 50km radius of Melbourne CBD. This charge is the same for 1 item or 20, with no weight limit, so it becomes economical with multiple purchases.

This service can be extended to regional areas, contact us before purchase to negotiate

Driver has no payment services, so again make sure you are squared away online first, and we will let you know when your gear is ready to be delivered

Commercial courier/freight - Shipping is getting trickier and more expensive by the day. We do our best to get custom quotes on all orders to find the most economical way to get it to you.

For heavier purchases, individual quotes will be provided upon request, and provision at your end will have to be made for unloading (eg. forklift) Again, send us an email, and we will do our best to get gear to you at the cheapest price!

For in stock items, we will always endeavour to ship within 48h of payment if using a commercial carrier, or on the next delivery run if using SorS delivery (usually weekly).

If an item is not in stock or held up, we will communicate this with you at the earliest opportunity.

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