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Product Insight - Wagon wheels and axle.

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Dating back to the earliest days of competitive strongman, you won't have to look far to find footage of giants who have commandeered the back half of a whole wagon, and are pick it up and putting it down again. The variations are limitless, solid steel rims or mixtures of wood and iron, round axles or square, small or large, rough or smooth, each combination presents a challenge different to another.

For the aspiring WSM or WSW, it's important for all of us to be able to train on an axle with wheels. For dead lift, their non-standard height can prove an advantage for some and a challenge for others, and the grip will test all. Squatting an axle and wheels to a fixed depth platform (the strongman squat) is a WHOLE new game when compared with a normal squat. And the biggest test is moving it overhead. Mastering the continental clean is a must, to be able to get the fat bar to the shoulders, and pressing over head requires extra stability to control the additional rotating mass. This is before we consider that the wheels are often locked to the axle....

This is where the SorS axle and wheel combination comes in. Finding your own vintage cart axle and wheels in today's modern age is tough! People just don't use horse drawn vehicles that much anymore. The option more regularly seen across Australia is a rim used to transport tractors into the country on, and then discarded. This is a great way to reuse something that would be otherwise thrown out, but it still requires locating them, and modifying them to suite an axle. And they are heavy (as are vintage wagon wheels) so as a training tool, they might be out of reach for many people.


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