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Take the plunge - When is the best time of year to give strongman a try?

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Have you always wanted to give strongman/strongwoman a shot? Been intrigued about how those giant concrete balls get off the floor, or how people can wield giant dumb bells with just one hand overhead, but been tentative to start, or unsure of how to make the plunge?

Well, the easy answer is ANYTIME of year is a good time to start really, but let's look at a few reasons why the next month or two is the best.

Accessibility - it wasn't always the case, but there are more and more places offering big heavy things to move around (we may have had something to do with this wink wink), and safe instruction on how to do so. The sport is really starting to gain momentum and following, now is a great time to jump on board. High level strongman gyms are adding 101 basics classes more frequently, so it's not like you have to show up and put a 100kg log overhead just to get started.

The Arnold Classic Strongman Championships - A 3 day celebration (March 17 18 19, Melbourne Exhibition building) of everything strength, and especially Strongman. Representatives from all states will be competing in men's and women's divisions, not to mention the international champions from around the world in the pro show. This is a perfect time to come along, see the action, find out about all the different sorts of events, but also to ask around if you are interested, and find out who to talk to in your local area. Come talk to us at our stall, and we should very easily be able to introduce you to someone who can help start your training.

The 'local' comp scene - Once Arnold's is over, this generally marks a restart to the competition year, and is also when preparation commences for some novice to intermediate comps around the country (higher level qualifiers are generally later in the year). A number of gyms are also starting to introduce strength challenges, where you can come and test your events in a slightly competitive environment, but you are more testing yourself against set levels, rather than everyone else, and you dictate your start weights

The Crossfit Open - it runs for 5 weeks, it starts soon, so by March (unless you are heading off to regional's) you might be ready to back off those burpees and wall balls for a while and get into some strength training. A perfect chance to have a go at moving awkward objects, and test your strength on something you aren't used to.

It can be daunting, you might not think you are strong enough to start, but strongman really is for anyone. Although technique is required, it's not super technical like Olympic lifting or gymnastics, so you can pick up the basics (excuse the pun) quite quickly.

If you have read this and want to take the next step, but unsure how, drop us an email, and we can point you in the right direction, where ever you are in Melbourne or the rest of Aus.

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