Utility Yoke - The complete package

  • $2,20000

It's here! Ultimate in home gym versatility at an economical price. 100% Australian made.

Full package includes the ability to - 

Yoke (normal and zercher) carry ($780)

Stone over bar (yoke crossbeam)

Squat rack ($100)

Bench from squat rack (bench not included)

Deadlift (special shorter axle included, so as not to impact shipping, 10kg, $150) 

Dip (included with squat J hooks)

Pull up (recommend for strict work only, due to the non-fixed nature of the system, $185. Requires yoke and j hooks)

Farmers carry (20kg per hand, $185)

Frame carry (50kg total, $105. Requires Farmers handles)

Push/Pull sled (60kg, $175)

And now...

Cable pull down attachment w/landmine attachment and staright bar ($180)

Jammers L and R - $340

Axle locking collars ($80)

Package can be split into part's if all functions aren't required.

Contact us for shipping options on how we can get this to you!

Yoke dimensions - L - 1.5m  W - 1.3m  H - 1.9m (height can be modified by request, to fit in small garages)



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