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Utility Yoke - The complete package/Dumbbell and DW combo


It's here! Ultimate in home gym versatility at an economical price. 100% Australian made.

Full package includes the ability to - 

Yoke (normal and zercher) carry 

Stone over bar (yoke crossbeam)

Squat rack 

Bench from squat rack (bench not included)

Deadlift (special shorter axle included, so as not to impact shipping, 10kg,)

Dip (included with squat J hooks)

Pull up (recommend for strict work only, due to the non-fixed nature of the system. Requires yoke and j hooks)

Farmers carry (20kg per hand)

Frame carry (50kg total. Requires Farmers handles)

Push/Pull sled (60kg,)

And now...

Cable pull down attachment w/landmine attachment and straight bar ()



Jammers L and R 

Axle locking collars 

Package can be split into part's if all functions aren't required.

Contact us for shipping options on how we can get this to you!

Yoke dimensions - L - 1.5m  W - 1.3m  H - 1.9m (height can be modified by request, to fit in small garages)for you.


This package includes a 10 inch monster DB (40kg ) and a DW handle

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